GINIA Supports Domestic Violence Recovery


Bethany House of Northern Virginia is a local charitable organization providing emergency shelter and support services to women and children escaping domestic violence. Our company recently contributed to their Love Shouldn’t Hurt campaign to support domestic violence recovery in our local community. Each of our actions contains the possibility to change the world for the better. Thank you for your support in getting us one step closer.


Here is a message from Bethany House of Northern Virginia:

“Thank you for your contribution to support victims of domestic and family violence! Safe shelter is the first step toward healthy and abuse-free living. Through your generous contribution, we will be able to serve women and children in need–breaking the cycle of abuse and creating a safer community in which all of us can live and work without fear. God bless you!”


If you would like to learn more about Bethany House, please website their website at, or view their fundraiser at