Dr. Hakjae Kim joins GINIA as the Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Hakjae Kim joins GINIA as the Chief Technology Officer. As CTO, Dr. Kim will lead the overall technology strategy and direction of GINIA. He will work closely with the research and development branches of Intel, DoD, and DHS to develop the next generation of technology disruption.

Previously, he worked at Uber’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) where he led Operational Domain Characterization for Self-Driving Vehicles, which plays a critical role in the deployment and operation of the future of self-driving technology. He oversaw a team that was responsible for building scalable tools and infrastructure that allow the ATG to perform rich geospatial analysis and reporting to plan, predict, and refine the current and future operational area for the fleet of self-driving cars.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Kim has also worked in various capacities with the federal government. At IARPA (known as the DARPA of the intelligence agencies), he served as a senior program manager leading multiple high-payoff research programs and was the ​principal expert and senior advisor to the Director of IARPA​ on geospatial intelligence and machine learning applied to satellite data.