Innovative Solutions

Innovative Approach

GINIA as a Platform

  • Connect world-class SMEs to government research projects
  • Streamline the initial entry to government market for our partners
  • Ensure quality deliverables to the government

Large Network of Partners

  • Utilize large network of partners, including university professors, graduate students, and small & large companies
  • Stimulate new ideas and innovation by leveraging non-traditional performers of government research

World Class Experts

  • Connect clients with researchers in emerging scientific fields such as AI, deep learning, 5G, IoT, cloud computing etc.
  • Continue building new partnerships with proven world class experts in their domains

Improved Value

  • Yield higher return on investment by reducing costs and establishing efficient project management
  • Maximize the number of FTEs by offering lower overhead cost

Cleared SMEs

  • Provide cleared SMEs with the right experience and knowledge base in their respective fields to understand our clients’ problems

Best Business Practices

  • Promote best engineering practices and productize selected research projects by leveraging private funding
  • Implement best software development practices used by Silicon Valley along with certified and appraised practices like CMMI and ISO